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Tantalum Repair Kit

Based on the intensity of the crack developed in the glass lining, various methods of repairing by using the wide range of tantalum repair kits like:

  • Tantalum domed washer & disc.
  • Tantalum repair kit set screws.
  • Tantalum hexagonal head screw.
  • Tantalum repair kit 's slot screw.
  • Tantalum repair kit hexagonal nuts.
  • Tantalum cap nut with cupped points.
  • Tantalum hexagonal nuts with cupped points.
  • Tantalum repair kit hexagonal nuts with radius.

Other items we supply are

  • Heating & Cooling Titanium Coils.
  • Titanium Anode Baskets.
  • Titanium Jigs & Fixtures.
  • Titanium Fasteners.
  • Titanium Studs & Bolts.

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