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Why.... It prevents marine growth from accumulating and keeps piping clear of biofouling. It is a cost-effective marine anti-fouling and corrosion control system. It is ideal for use in marine seawater cooling systems. It is used on ships, oil rigs, oil platforms, power stations, and elsewhere.

Without MGPS, marine growth, such as mollusks, barnacles, mussels, algae and slime enter the seawater system and find a spot where temperature, nutrients, pH factor and other environmental conditions are right for settling and breeding. Colonies can quickly develop, resulting in problems such as turbulence, blocked pipes and impaired heat transfer efficiency. In extreme cases, marine growth fouling can become so serious as to completely obstruct the flow of seawater through cooling piping. Blocked pipes can also lead to dangerous situations with fire-fighting equipment. Lesser cooling system complications include overheating, reduced efficiency, increased corrosion, and loss of vessel speed – a serious situation since most vessels demand maximum speed. Cleaning of blocked pipes, or in many cases replacement of complete sections piping, can be a time consuming and expensive problem.

Our MGPS will generate sodium hypochlorite onsite using our titanium electrolyzer for the disinfection of marine growth. Sodium Hypochlorite is the most commonly used disinfectant for water treatment applications and preventing bioflouling. When sodium hypochlorite is injected into cooling water circuits, it provides efficient protection to the equipment against the growth of organic fouling (Micro & Macro) without any desirable side effects of commercial hypochlorite.

Typical Layout & Electrolyzer Construction....

0.5 Kg per hour – 10 Kg per hour

Vessels, Cruise Ships, Naval Ships, FPSO, Platforms, Oil rigs, Power Plants & Chemical Industries....

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