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Electro Chlorination
Gas Chlorination
  Product Range

We are specialized in manufacturing of vacuum operated as well as pressure type Gas Chlorinators like Stand Base Mounting, cylinder Mounting and Floor Mounting Chlorinators, Chlorine Cylinders & Air Breathing in various capacities ranging from 100 gms / hr to 35 kg / hr or customized as per clients' requirements. We also offer other related products like bleaching dozers, hypo dozers and alum dozers.

Our chlorinators are fabricated from highly non corrosive, pressure resistance, tough polymers and virgin plastic materials which includes UHMWHDPE, PTFE, Monal, PVC, Borosilicate Glass, Hastelloy "C", PVDF, VITON etc.

Other Related Accessories

Apart from our regular product range, we also offer a comprehensive collection of related accessories for chlorination based water treatment systems. We offer :

  • Safety equipment
  • Chlorine leakage arresting kits for 100 kgs cylinder and 900 kgs tonnes
  • Gas mask with canister
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Water sampling test kits
  • Bleaching powder solution closers
  • Hypo chlorine solution closer
  • Alum solution closers
  • FRP scrubbers & Tanks
  • New brand chlorine filled cylinders with all relevant certificates

Our Services and Other Products
Apart from manufacturing chlorination systems, we are also engaged in providing a host of related services like:

  • We undertake AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for chlorination systems ranging from capacities 100 gsm / hr to 40 kg/ hr
  • Complete erection and commissioning of Chlorination Systems
  • we also undertake CPC/PVC piping for chlorine iline and alum line
  • we also provide services for designing and commissioning of chlorinators systems as per client requirements
  • Chlorine Analyzers, Chlorine Test Kits
  • Chlorine Cylinder / Tonner Handling mechanical devices are also available

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