Exotic Elements & Marine Services Pte Ltd
Platinised Anodes
MMO Anodes
Cathodic Protection

Platinised Titanium Anodes, Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes (MMO), Platinised Titanium & Niobium Anodes

Type we Offer
Plate Type, Mesh Type, Wire Type, Tubular Type, Rod Type, Box Type, Louver Type, Ring Type, Ribbon Type & any shape size….
Chlor Alkali Cells, Chlorate Cells, Chlorine Dioxide Cells, Bromate Cells, Iodate Cells, Electroplating, Electrowinning, Heavy Metal Recovery, Electro Chlorination, Sewage Treatment, Cathodic Protection….
Special Services
We do refurbishment of Electrolyzer/ Cells, Repair/ Recoating/ Replating of anodes & Replacement of Existing Cells….
Sacrificial Anodes
Aluminium Anodes, Zinc Anodes, Magnesium Anodes
Bracelet Anodes, Platforms Anodes, Hull Anodes, Tank Anodes, Bare Anodes, Boiler Anodes, Heater Anodes, Pre-Packed Anodes, Condenser Anodes, D-Shape Anodes, Jetty & Wharf Anodes….
Impressed Current Anodes
MMO Titanium Anodes
Solid Rod Anodes, Tubular Anodes, Ribbon Anodes, String Anodes, Wire Anodes, Probe Anodes, Expanded Mesh Anodes….
Platinised Titanium Anodes
Wire Anodes, Probe Anodes…
Platinised Niobium Anodes
Wire Anodes, Probe Anodes….
High Silicon Anodes
Tubular Anodes, Prepacked Anodes….

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