Exotic Elements & Marine Services Pte Ltd

We are a established company based in Singapore & office in India. Exotic Element is formed by professionals with long years of experience in the industry dealing in exotic materials and the products fabricated out of it.

The materials we handle,
Titanium, Tantalum, Zirconium,
Nickel & Nickel-based alloys such as
Hastelloy,Inconol, Incolloy,
Monel,Duplex & Super Duplex SS,
etc including Explosion-Cladded construction.

The products,
Evaporators, Crystallizers, Concentrators,
Reactors, Pressure Vessels, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers,
Pumps & Blowers, Pipes, Pipe Fittings & Valves,
electrolyzer, MMO Anodes, platinised Anodes etc

We can also supply
Electrochlorination system, Gas Chlorination System, RO System, Marine Growth Prevention System and Cathodic protection system (both Sacrificial & Impressed current),

The industry we serve,
Chlor-Alkali, Petrochemicals, Refineries,
Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper,
Oil & Gas, Power plant, Desalination plants,
Offshore industries & shipping industries.

Our Strategy, drawing on the breath & depth of the expertise we provide standard and tailor made products based on customer’s requirement... With the aim to satisfy our customers with quality products at competitive price.

Our Mission
Exotic Elements & Marine Services Pte Ltd mission is in providing the best quality product around the world at a competitive price, with on time delivery & profit to the organization.

Our Vision
Exotic Elements & Marine Services Pte Ltd vision is to be one of the best international engineering products & service providers. Being the best means providing best quality service & achieving customer satisfaction.

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Pipes & Fittings
Chlorination System
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